Jon Huntsman Jr.

Apr 30

Where does Jon Huntsman stand on the issues?


Part four of Decoder’s CNBC Debate pregame scorecard. All information from excellent Associated Press wrap of the candidate’s stances here. For information on all the other candidates, see Decoder’s complete list of candidate profiles here.

Debt: Only candidate to endorse the deal that averted a default on U.S. debt payments, “a positive step toward cutting our nation’s crippling debt.”

Economy: End corporate subsidies, cut regulations, lower taxes, spur jobs through energy development, seek repeal of Obama’s health care law.

Taxes: Favors lower income tax rates coupled with the elimination of deductions and loopholes. Cut corporate tax to 25 percent from a maximum 35 percent, and phase out all subsidies.

Energy: Used tax credits to promote clean energy in Utah but says he has learned that “subsidies don’t work and that we can no longer afford them.” Favors phasing out all energy subsidies and cutting regulatory obstacles to drilling and production. Says nation’s fuel distribution network should be subject to Federal Trade Commission and Senate Judiciary Committee review because it gives oil an unfair advantage over natural gas. “We need to break oil’s monopoly as a transportation fuel, and create a truly level playing field for competing fuels.”

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