Jon Huntsman Jr.

Nov 16

quote My grandfather Huntsman… was principal of Los Altos High, he wanted his sons to be teachers because there was no higher calling in life. And he said, But not everybody’s cut out to be an educator — you’re always going to need a fallback position in life: you can always go into business. Which my dad did, and he did pretty well in business. But I got the same lecture growing up, and it was, You know, son, if you want to change this world… you’ve gotta go into business. But not everybody’s cut out for that, you’re always going to need a fallback position in life. You can always go into politics. And my daughter, who I recently had the same conversation with, I said Abby, you’ve got to go into public service — that’s how you can change the world, transform lives. But not everybody’s cut out for it. You’re always going to need a fallback position. You can always be a journalist at the end of the day. And now Abby works for the Huffington Post in New York. So I have to be careful about what I say.

— Jon Huntsman

Apr 20

Politico: "Angry Huntsman vendors threaten lawsuit" →

Multiple former advisers to Jon Huntsman’s 2012 campaign are now considering legal action against the failed presidential candidate after the Utahn has gone silent about how he plans to pay off over $1 million in campaign debt.

More than a dozen Huntsman vendors and campaign alums confirmed to POLITICO that they are unnerved by the slow pace of the wealthy Republican’s debt-retirement efforts and his lack of communication with them. Huntsman has not made clear to the creditors how he intends to retire his campaign debt and has not responded to personal emails from several operatives to whom he owes many thousands of dollars.

Apr 07

Jon Huntsman, Who Endorsed Mitt Romney, Now Says He Will Not Campaign For Mitt Romney In The General Election!! →



File this under awkward: Jon Huntsman, who endorsed Mitt Romney after dropping out of the presidential race in January, is “not a surrogate for Romney” and will not be campaigning for him, according to his daughter, Abby Huntsman Livingston.

ABC News has the quote from Livingston:  

“My dad is not a surrogate for Romney and will not be out stumping for him in the general,” she said in an email. “He is enjoying private life.”

Jan 16

quote With their YouTube videos, song parodies, and television sitdowns, the trio of comely 20-somethings—Mary Anne, Abby, and Liddy—had the perfect sensibility for modern politics: sharp, ironic, and just a touch subversive… But all good things must come to an end. And while, for most of America, Huntsman’s candidacy never reached the level of a good thing—or even a thing—the loss of his trio of filial advocates will be sorely felt.

— Michelle Cottle

Jan 16

quote An interesting group of campaign activists.

— Jon Huntsman on his daughters

Oct 28

quote It’s a scary time in our country, especially for our generation. And we believe so strongly in his vision. We feel he’s the best person to get things back on track, with his world experience, and view of the world. And he has a record that shows he can create jobs, and an environment that creates jobs. We do what we can to help him out. People didn’t know what he was about. It’s been fun.

— Abby Huntsman